Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Riding Hooded Cape

Yet another project from the Oliver + S book - the Red Riding Hood. I envisioned something more cozy for E, something perfect for cooler weather and something to bust through my ever-growing fabric stash, and came up with a plaid, shearling-lined cape!

The shearling was, surprisingly, more of a pain to cut than it was to sew. And, gracias to FreeCycle, all fabric is vintage and was totally free!

I used toggle buttons and added an extra button loop for the closure - when I followed the pattern, the loop was too long and the cape kept falling back and choking Ester! So I cut the loop in half and added a second button to help make it more comfy and secure.
Love how great the lining looks!
And E loves it too, of course! She instantly ran to stand on the coffee table and model her new cape infront of the mirror. I made the smallest size in the book, and it is still a little big - for others making this for smaller kids and toddlers, I would recommend raising the arm holes a couples inches, so their arms can poke through at a more natural height. There is plenty of room to grow, and this will get lots of use over the years to come!
Comfy cozy!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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Flower Bubbles said...

I just found this picture while googling the Oliver & S hooded cape. See what others have done. I absolutely LOVE that you added a fuzzy lining. Looks beautiful! :)

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