Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ester & Duncan's Birthday (A Very, Very Late Post)

Let's close our eyes and take a trip, shall we? Come on, now, just close your eyes and humor me. Close your eyes and let's travel back to October 2011, and visit two little toddlers on a special, special joint birthday party.

 Ester looooves Duncan, and Duncan loves Ester, and with their birthdays one year and five days apart, a joint celebration seemed fitting. We went for a fiesta/cumpleaños theme, and we think it transpired well!
 The community room we rented was huge and perfect for kids to run around and burn energy.
My favorite - papel picado! I saved this and we will put it to good use for years of birthdays to come.
 Instead of gifts, we asked for books to donate to a local homeless children's shelter. They got some good stuff!
 A burro piñata, and a children's Spanish mix as a party favor (you can find the playlist at the bottom - if anyone has any recommendations for uploading a free playlist somehow, I would totally be up to that too!)

 And my favorite - sugar skulls! I bought a mold of Etsy, and after a few trial runs, perfected the technique. It was really fun to learn and we will make these in future years as well!
A few completed sugar skulls - we decorated with royal icing (what a mess! probably won't use that again), feathers, beads, gems, etc.

All the food - quesadillas, homemade salsa, chorizo, and this AWESOME Elmo platter I found on Pinterest!
It was a great party and big thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating. And big thanks to you for taking a time journey with me and pretending this is not three months late!

Happy 2012 everyone!

*Fiesta de Duncan & Ester Playlist
Jose Gonzalez & Banda Criolla - Come On In
Topo Gigio - La Fiesta del Gigio
Bomba - Pomodoro
Sarah Lee Guthrie And Family - 'Cuz We're Cousins
Basho - Buenos Dias
Los 50 De Joselito - La Araña Picua
Jose Conde - Cumbamba
Whistlefritz: Jorge Anaya - De Colores
The Mighty Buzzniks - Agree & Disagree
Triocephale - Sur Le Pont d'Avignon
Jorge Anaya & Whistlefritz - Los Numeros
Billy Jonas - Cabeza
Baby Loves - Bailar Rapido
Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats - Stomp, Stomp
Omara Portuondo - Guantanamera
Meow, Meow, Meow (artist unknown!)
Victor Hugo Santos - Arroz Con Leche
Omara Portuondo - Manicero
Guy Davis - I Will Be Your Friend
Jose-Luis Orozco - Las Mañanitas
Feist - 1234 (Sesame Street version)
Basho & Friends - Hello, How Ya Feelin?
Magdalena Para Chicos - Arriba Juan

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