Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hot heat

There’s something about summer I can’t resist.

Hot, hot, hotter – I’ll take it. Sitting poolside, soaking in the rays, trying to get that tan I was too distracted for last year. Rolling down the highway with the windows rolled down, E’s curls blowing in an open window, getting blonder every minute, skin browner. Sandwiches and coleslaw, swatting gnats away under a tree. Getting on a unicycle, even though it’s the last place you’d imagine you’d be.

More, please.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Something about the smell of the car AC blasting in your face, finally giving in and turning AC on at home, buying new bathing suits in anticipation of pools opening and craving cherry popsicles...it's all so wholesome, innocent, and nostalgic.

We decided to take a journey out into the heat to welcome summer with a picnic in the park.

We sat under luscious thick leaves, in the deliciously cool shade.

Next to a playground.

With homemade calzone rolls and marinara sauce for lunch.

They make the same munchin’ face.

And lots of fun, just lying on a blanket, outside, in the middle of the day.

And who can resist chunky baby thighs?

Hurray, summer!

Nothing quite like glimpsing this in the rear view mirror on your way home:

Happy summer! What is everyone else doing in anticipation of the hot, hot months to come?

Handmade Recycled Mailers

I managed to get a bunch of these done last night.

Call me crazy, but I try to make all my own mailers. I follow this tutorial and they turn out pretty well, as well as free and gentle on our planet.

I start out with a whole big bunch of plastic bags (which always seem to multiply pretty quickly, despite always having at least 10 reusable bags in the trunk of our car at all times).

Setting up with two big pieces of craft paper, my iron, and something underneath to protect the floor…

Take heed, if you stop mid-ironing to take a photo of said ironing, you will burn a whole in the middle of your plastic. D’oh.

…that big bunch soon turns into a little stack of smoothed plastic fabric.

Sandwich those babies between some reversed brown paper grocery bags, stitch up the sides and – yay! – a free, recycled, handmade mailer.

If you devote an evening to making a bunch of these at once, you will get a bunch done and be set for awhile. No way would I make these as needed!

I get lots of great feedback from customers and the ladies at the post office for these, and I feel they add a nice little handmade touch to all orders I ship out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, Blogosphere, I’m here. Are you excited?

Too much hemming (pun intended) and hawing, but I’ve decided to just do it.

I used to read books, but since becoming a mother, that seems to have been replaced by blogs – I can always squeeze my Reader in whatever small increments I have to spare. (I guess that is the story of our generation, though?) I have always loved to read and write, and recently decided to return to school for a degree in English.

Since becoming a mother, I have also picked up sewing and it is now a huge passion of mine. Where do I begin to explain why? I love thinking of something and watching it come to life by my own two hands, and for much cheaper than buying it. I love gifting something handmade. I love sewing for my daughter and when (but not always) she really loves it. I love learning new techniques and better ways to sew something. I have a ridiculous addiction to fabric, especially Japanese imports…ooh, I love them!

Naturally, the next step would be for me to start a sewing blog, right? Hopefully it is a way of motivation, as I tend to get lazy with sewing sometimes, despite 50 projects popping up in my head. I mostly want to share projects, ideas, things I’m excited about with family and friends, and also to share updates in family life – we were recently married and have a 19 month old daughter, so there is plenty to talk about!

I look forward to sharing days to come, and hearing your responses! Bienvenidos!
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