Monday, April 9, 2012

Ice Cream Dress

So excited to have made something I've had in mind forever! When I saw the fabric, I immediately knew what I was going to make with it - an ice cream dress, and I managed to crank it out just in time for Easter (so technically an ice cream Easter dress)!

The fabric is a beautiful poplin and is from the Little Lisette line - I loooove the print, the color, the feel, everything. The print also comes in white - I'm going to have to get some! (As a side note, Lisette's parent Oliver + S has a great series called Principles of Fabric Selection that I have found wonderfully helpful in picking prints for apparel - I highly recommend it.)

I followed the tutorial for the Leah Tunic to create the pattern for the dress. It was a bit snug at first, so I had to extend the opening in the back to help make putting it on a little easier.

 I cut some extra bodice pieces from a white muslin to line the bodice as well.

Ester girl loved it and showed it by jumping and twirling on the coffee table for a good bit, "I cream! I cream!"

Here she is all styled up for our Easter morning breakfast at the diner - it was pretty chilly and windy so we had to bundle her up a bit, but I think bare legs would be cuter with this dress!

Hurray for ice cream dress! I can't wait to make this pattern again.

Hope everyone had a cozy Easter!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just a short note...

To let you know I'm still around! I haven't forgotten you, my darlings. March has been a whirl, with appointments, play dates and getting outside to enjoy SPRING! I haven't been able to sew a lot, and what I have has been mostly odds and ends, a few favors, some tailoring and hemming. Nothing exciting, that's for sure! I am hoping to make Ester an Easter dress (say 5x fast) this week, as well as finish a tutorial I have been trying to put together for you guys (my first evar! Eek!). To the fabric store I must!

Whipped up these quinoa rasin muffins yesterday and just wanted to share, as they were quite delicious and equally as healthy.

So amazingly better smothered with butter - isn't everything, though?

E gobbled them up!
I got the recipe from Hillbilly Hosuewife, you can find the recipe here. Scroll about halfway down the page for a quick recipe. I added raisins, but next time I think I will opt for chocolate chips!

Until next time, keep sewing!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

1920s Items Added!

I am obsessed, really, really obsessed with Boardwalk Empire, so when I came across these vintage 1920s objects, I jumped all over them to add to my shop!

How awesome is the art work on the packaging? I wish our products were that awesome these days! I wonder what the woman that these came from was like - how cool to have these little pieces of history!

You can check out all my vintage stuff here!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hallway Gallery

At the end of our hallway, there was a great, empty spot, perfect for a little frame gallery.

Decorate me!
After months of collecting frames (meaning dusty piles of frames stashed here and there) and spray painting them a bright, glossy white, I finally got around to hanging them! 

I started by tracing each frame onto brown paper, which I then cut out and taped on the wall
And arranged...
And rearranged, until I had something I liked.
And then let it sit for a day (or two) to be sure I liked it enough to live with it, and then hammered some nails up, hung the frames, and wah lah!, a simple easy way to display our favorite photos.

We all love to check them out in passing, especially this one:
And now just to find a runner and we are in (hallway) business!
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