Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Something about the smell of the car AC blasting in your face, finally giving in and turning AC on at home, buying new bathing suits in anticipation of pools opening and craving cherry's all so wholesome, innocent, and nostalgic.

We decided to take a journey out into the heat to welcome summer with a picnic in the park.

We sat under luscious thick leaves, in the deliciously cool shade.

Next to a playground.

With homemade calzone rolls and marinara sauce for lunch.

They make the same munchin’ face.

And lots of fun, just lying on a blanket, outside, in the middle of the day.

And who can resist chunky baby thighs?

Hurray, summer!

Nothing quite like glimpsing this in the rear view mirror on your way home:

Happy summer! What is everyone else doing in anticipation of the hot, hot months to come?


Penrock said...

Could Ester be any cuter? I love all of your picnic photos!!! The calzones are making me drool (thanks).

Let's create some pool pictures sooon, pool opens this weekend, yay!

Joy! said...

Thanks Jen! I think she's pretty damn cute too....=) She has a new bikini and we are ready for the pool!

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