Sunday, November 6, 2011

Easy Peasy Halloween

Just a quick post on Halloween before I forget!

Ester is only two, but this year she started to grasp the concept of Halloween. Our favorite video is It's Halloween, and every time we saw pumpkins she would scream, "HowWEEN!" In previous years, I didn't put too much effort into a costume for her, but this year she would be way into dressing up, so I whipped up something cute & easy for her.

A unicorn!

Making the costume was super easy - a white hooded sweatshirt with an assortment of pink sparkly yarn stitched on to form a mane and tail, and a little felt horn - paired with pink jeans and white Minnetonka's - voila!
A grid stitched to sweatshirt hood, to which I stitched the mane yarn.
Unicorn hair!
A warm, cute and cuddly little unicorn, ready for lots of candy!

Hope everyone had a festive and safe Halloween!
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