Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally, a Romper!

Well, friends, I told you I was working on a romper for E, therefor I had to get to it and finish it.
And I am very pleased with my efforts! not only did I not butcher this beautiful fabric, but it fits E perfectly with room to grow!
I even threw together a matching headband - simple and perfect for her wild curls.
With spaghetti straps that cross at the back...
...and a ruffle at the neck...
and perfectly accessorized with ladybug stickers!

I created the pattern using an existing romper she has - just traced each piece onto craft paper and cut my fabric out.

Who wants to see a tutorial?

1 comment:

Happy and House Poor said...

What a lucky little girl! You are inspiring me to dust off the old sewing machine... we shall see how that goes ;)

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