Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage Brother

One day I hope to do a tour of all the things we've gotten from our amazing local Freecycle, but I am too excited about this to wait until that day!

I recently picked up this beautiful gem, and the best part - it works, and does so beautifully!
Brother Galaxie 230
It's a 1959 Brother Galaxie 230 (in my favorite color too!). A heavy, solid piece, complete in it's own table! I think my mom still has one of these, tucked away under her newer machine. I love how the table folds out and is flush with the needle plate - so great for sewing wallets and large pieces like quilts.
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I love all the knobs and settings - it makes me feel like I'm stepping into another, forgotten world for a brief moment.

Where are all our sewing shops now, DC? And what happened, Good Housekeeping?
And what I love the most are the extras - complete manuals and a little wooden box full of attachments and feet! How cool!
I don't even know what all these feet are for. 
How cool is this?
A welcome addition to my little sewing world - a beautiful, strong (not to mention turquoise) machine that has stood the test of time. 


Anonymous said...

I just opened up the sewing machine cabinet that belonged to my grandmother and found this same beautiful machine. So excited!

Mike Williams said...

Hello Joy.
That machine is pretty amazing looking. Do you have the PK-18 pattern keys for it? I have a set but no machine (and don't have the space for another machine right now). If you want them, you can have them for $1 + postage (from Australia) only. The set is missing #s 2,9,12 and 18 but there are 14 in the case.

Hannah said...

I just love your machine! My grandmother recently passed away and I got her sewing machine which is the same one you have. It is what she taught me on 27 years ago. I took it to get it tuned up and have it back home but for the life of me I can't get the thing threaded. I bought the manual in a pdf format however the pictures are so dark I cannot see how the thread goes around the tension knob. Is there anyway you can help me get mine threaded? Thank you so much!

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